3rd March 2017

Welcome Sheet

The most recent Welcome Sheet will be posted below as a PDF document which your computer should automatically open. The Welcome Sheet is now in 2 versions – those ending ‘_M’ are for St Michael’s and those ending ‘_G’  are St George’s.

151219_G 151219_M

081219_G 081219_M

011219_G 011219_M

241119_G 241119_M

171119_G 171119_M

101119_G 101119_M

031119_G 031119_M

271019_G 271019_M

201019_G 201019_M

131019_G 131019_M

061019_G 061019_M

290919_M (Joint service)

220919_G 220919_M

150919_G 150919_M

080919_G 080919_M

010919_G 010919_M

250819_G 250819_M

180819_G 180819_M

110819_G 110819_M

040819_G 040819_M

280719_G 280719_M

210719_G 210719_M

140719_G 140719_M

070719_G 070719_M

300619_G 300619_M

230619_G 230619_M

160619_G 160619_M

090619_G 090619_M

020619_G 020619_M