3rd March 2017

Welcome Sheet

Our Welcome Sheet contains the prayers, readings and notices for the week as well as contact details for our priests and the parish office. Click on the relevant Sunday and a PDF will download onto your computer. Those ending in ‘_G’ are for St George’s church and those in ‘_M’ are for St Michael’s church. We will be continuing to produce online services for those who will still not be able to come to church for their own safety. If you’d like to join St Michael’s Zoom services, please contact the parish office for the details. Our services at St George’s will continue to be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel here. If you want to get this in our weekly email, which arrives on Friday mornings, please join our mailing list. You can unsubscribe effective immediately at any time. If you know of anyone who is not able to access the online version and would appreciate a printed copy, please contact the parish office by email.

171021_G 171021_M

101021_G 101021_M

031021_G 031021_M

(This week is St Michael’s Patronal festival and we celebrate with a joint service there so St George’s has no separate Welcome Sheet.)

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120921_G 120921_M

050921_G 050921_M

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150821_G 150821_M

080821_G 080821_M

010821_G 010821_M

250721_G 250721_M

180721_G 180721_M

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