Re-opening of St George’s for services

Hello Everyone,

This is an important message about the restart of services at St George’s. If you have not already sent Richard a message to say that you’d like to come to a service, please send a message to: before Saturday July 18th

We will be holding services in church once more from Sunday July 19th. A Eucharist will be held at 10.00am. As you might expect, there will be significant differences from the last time you were at St George’s.

  • Church doors will be open from 9.30am and entry into church is via the main door on Vancouver Road only. 
  • The Welcome team will not be on duty but Church Wardens will be on hand to welcome and to answer any questions.
  • Everyone should follow the 2m social distancing rules we have all become so used to.
  • Our capacity inside the church is 50. Once we hit capacity, unfortunately, we will not be able to admit more people inside. 
  • In these circumstances, it will be possible to wait in the garden and a second service will begin at 11.00am.
  • Everyone will need to use either their own hand sanitizer or the sanitizer available at the entrance as you come in.
  • Everyone will need to leave their name and contact details with one of the wardens as you come in in case someone becomes ill and we have to contact you. These details will be  kept in a sealed box in the vestry and destroyed after 3 weeks.
  • Everyone should remain in their place for the whole service. You may stand or sit at any point in the service.
  • Households can sit together as a pair or group.
  • Service sheets will be placed on your chair. This will be YOUR service sheet for the coming weeks. You should take it home and bring it with you on a Sunday.
  • During the service there will be music. Sadly, members of the congregation are not allowed to sing.
  • There will be no physical exchange of the Peace. You will be expected to remain in your place and turn to those around you to exchange the peace verbally.
  • Gatherings are not permitted after the service so please leave by the garden doors row by row.
  • The collection will not be taken during the service but you are invited to leave your contribution in one of the baskets either entering or leaving the church.
  • The disabled toilet will be the only available toilet and should be accessed by leaving church through the kitchen door and going down the corridor. 
  • Upon leaving the toilet you should turn right into the car park and re-enter church through the front door.

We are putting these procedures in place to provide a safe environment in which to worship and we hope that you will feel reassured by them.

For those who do not yet feel ready to return to church services, we will be recording our worship and it will appear as a video on our YouTube channel.

There will also be morning prayer in church on Saturdays at 9.30am and on Tuesdays also at 9.30am (please enter through the labyrinth Garden vestry door

With love,