Prayers for Sunday 29 March


Let us pause and rest together for a moment,
Knowing that we are all held close in God’s loving hands…….

We give thanks for the blessings of our lives,
for everything good about today…………

We hold in our prayer all those with whom we share our lives physically, emotionally, spiritually and give thanks for those who are Christ to us…………….

We ask God’s blessing on those whom we love but who are, today, at a distance………..

We give thanks for any who are helping us in these days

We ask God’s blessing on NHS staff, shop staff, bin emptiers, police…..

We pray for those in positions of authority and for the government, national and local……

We hold close in our prayer any who are sick, anxious or afraid,
Those for whom isolation is frightening and depressing…..

Especially we ask God’s blessing on TJ, Bud and Jean, Graham, Richard, Naomi, Freida, Ray and Ifeanyi

We pray for those who mourn

Loving God, Light in our darkest night, we walk every day with you and you are never far from us even when it feels as though we are alone. Help our restless hearts to find their rest in you and in the days before us, enlighten our hearts with you light, your joy and your peace.

Let’s say the Lord’s Prayer together.

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