Poem: Alone by Pat Russell

I am alone, not by choice or wanting to.
I can’t settle to those jobs that could be done
in this enforced time at home.

I feel as if I’m waiting,
waiting for what?
For the virus to come knocking?
“Here I am, let me in.”

For the voice of loved ones
and friends on the phone?
The longed-for hug or just a touch?
Or simply for a programme on tele to raise a smile?*

Waiting for normality to return,
whatever that may be,
and we take up our lives again?

Perhaps not alone after all.
“We are all in the same boat.”
 Jesus was here before us
and keeps us company now.

I won’t think of how long and how lonely,
I’ll give thanks for each day
and look forward to seeing you all again.

*’Would I lie to you.’ Around 7.00pm on Dave  (Freeview 12) helps.