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INTERNET LINKS—With useful stuff…
Richard Rohr’s Online contemplation community. Loads of excellent stuff for prayer – This slightly left field….There’s probably lots of churches offering links to cathedral choirs knocking out hymns and if you like that sort of thing, you can, I’ve no doubt, find it. This is somewhat less refined. It’s called Sacred Harp Singing (the sacred harp being the human voice). It’s American and singers don’t practice before they sing beyond the first ‘go’ at the tune. When the four ‘parts’ sing a tone Fa So La Mi just to ‘get’ the tune, then they launch in to the song. The idea is to belt it out. There is no subtlety in Sacred harp. I think it’s joyful. Watch their faces, they’re almost dancing in their seats. The arm waving is shared time keeping. This is a group that gathers annually in Ireland. My favourite is called ‘Poland’ for some reason and is here:  and this one from the Film Cold Mountain – – listen to those yippy high notes in the background! Play it as loud as others in the house will allow you and let it move your soul!

More ‘quietly’ there is some lovely music (and other worship) from Taize at:

This is an especially lovely track –

I could go on. More next week. God Bless