26th April 2019

Music & Musicians

Music plays an important part in complementing worship.  We have a small, loyal choir who help to lead the congregation with lots of enthusiastic singing. One of the main aims of music within our worship is to make it as inclusive as possible. This means that the congregation are involved a great deal in singing the hymns (they do this lustily!) and the settings for the Eucharist.

Making music within worship is very important for many reasons.  For many of us this is a way of expressing our faith – a vocation to work for the greater glory of God – we feel very privileged to be part of this.

A small music group occasionally performs at special times during the year, such as The Christingle Services. An instrumental group also plays on some Sundays.

We always welcome new members to the choir and would also like to encourage any instrumentalists to join us – have a word with the Director of Music after a Sunday morning service.

At certain times of the year we have an Extended Choir (made up of the choir plus some members of the congregation) to perform at particular services such as Christmas and Easter. This group is known as Cantoris Parochialis (singers from the parish).

As well as music for services there are other occasions when music is used for social events, concerts and other special occasions, such as our annual MacMillan Coffee Morning Recital in September each year.