26th April 2019


At St George’s, we acknowledge the dedication and generosity of so many people in giving their time, energy and money to the life of the church in the parish.

We’re also very aware that we are part of a long tradition of Christian men and women who, for generations have given generously and often sacrificially to ensure that the parish church remains the flourishing community it is today.

We are a church blessed with wide diversity being made up of young and old, working and retired, established Christians and those relatively new to faith. We can be thankful for an expectation that we will look after our church buildings and seek to develop them to serve the needs of the parish. We can be proud that we look after our people and encourage everyone at St George’s to know that they have something to contribute to the church, that there is a place for them and that we are here to enable everyone to better hear God’s call in our lives.

Part of a successful church community is a regular check to make sure that our giving adequately provides for the mission of the church. We need to thank those who have given in the past but also regularly review our giving so that together we can take St George’s forward into the next phase of our life and mission as God’s people in this parish.

If you would like to contribute financially to St George’s then please use the pink forms available in church.