3rd March 2017

Welcome Sheet

The most recent Welcome Sheet will be posted below as a PDF document which your computer should automatically open. The Welcome Sheet is now in 2 versions – those ending ‘_M’ are for St Michael’s and those ending ‘_G’  are St George’s.

12082018_G 12082018_M

19082018_G 19082018_M

05082018_G 05082018_M

29072018_G 29072018_M

22072018_G 22072018_M

15072018_G 15072018_M

08072018_G 08072018_M

01072018_G 01072018_M

24062018_G 24062018_M

17062018_G 17062018_M

10062018_G 10062018_M

03062018_M 03062018_G