3rd March 2017

Welcome Sheet

The most recent Welcome Sheet will be posted below as a PDF document which your computer should automatically open. The Welcome Sheet is now in 2 versions – those ending ‘_M’ are for St Michael’s and those ending ‘_G’  are St George’s.

240219_G 240219_M

170219_G 170219_M

100219_G 100219_M

030219_G 030219_M

270119_G 270119_M

200119_G 200119_M

130119_G 130119_M

060119_G 060119_M

301218_G 301218_M

231218_G 231218_M

161218_G 161218_M

091218_G 091218_M

021218_G 021218_M

251118_G 251118_M

181118_G 181118_M

111118_G 111118_M

041118_G 041118_M

281018_G 281018_M

211018_G 211018_M

1410018_G 1410018_M

0710018_G 0710018_M